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How to make Tele Conference Calls

It´s really quite simple, once you have decided when you want your Tele Conference to take place:

  1. Call the Tele Conferencing line on 0871 555 0157 and use the automated system to obtain a unique pin number for your Tele Conference.
  2. Tell all your intended participants the date and time of the Tele Conference and tell them to call 0871 555 0157 and use your Tele Conference pin number to access your Tele Conference.
  3. Shortly before the time the Tele Conference is due to start, you and all the other participants should call 0871 555 0157 and following the instructions, enter the pin number to enter your Tele Conference.
  4. All participants will now be able to take part in the Tele Conference, everyone will be able to hear and speak to everyone else in the Tele Conference !

Tele Conferencing Service Tele Conferencing

Our Tele Conferencing system allows multiple participants in a single telephone conversation. There is no registration and no additional fees, all you and the participants in the call pay is 8p per minute on your phone bill, assuming you call from a standard UK landline. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions on the left, if you want to find out more please read the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

QuestionCan anyone access my Tele Conference or is it private?
AnswerWhen you book a Tele Conference you get a unique PIN number, only those that you give this PIN to will be able to access your Tele Conference, participants would also need to know when you intend the Tele Conference to take place.
QuestionWhat are the benefits of using the conferencing system?
Answer You will find your own benefits once you start using Tele Conferencing but here are a few ways our Tele Conferencing system has already helped other customers:
  • It allows 2 or more people to All Talk
  • No time/cost travelling to meetings
  • No delays waiting for people held up in traffic
  • Minimum time overhead makes finding a mutually convenient time easy
  • Avoids multiple telephone call ping-pong to make decisions between different people
  • Allows you to more easily keep people informed, involved and motivated
  • Get quick consensus and decisions
QuestionHow much does it cost to have a Tele Conference ?
AnswerWhenever you or the other participants call the 0871 555 0157 number it costs each of you 8p per minute at any time of day from a regular land line (i.e. BT, Cable etc).
QuestionAre there any other charges, what´s the catch?
AnswerThere are no other charges other than the call charges, unlike many Tele Conferencing systems it costs nothing to book a Tele Conference with us other than the 8p/min while you call to book it. The only way you may pay more is if you call from a no standard phone line or a mobile etc. If you are not calling from a BT or Cable phone please check with your phone operator for the actual costs.
QuestionHow many people can take part in a Tele Conference ?
AnswerWe recommend up to around 20 participants as a maximum.
QuestionDo I have to register before using the Tele Conferencing system?
AnswerNo, the system is open to anyone to call in and book a Tele Conference, there is no registration or membership necessary.
QuestionWhat sort of uses can the conferencing system be put to?
Answer The uses you can put our Tele Conferencing system to seem endless, however here are some examples of how individuals and businesses are using the system:
  • Training and motivating teams
  • Organising an event
  • Running a business
  • Chairing committees
  • Planning a party
  • Keeping up to date with the gossip
  • Socialising with friends without going out
  • Group discussion with friends/family
QuestionAre there any restrictions on what I can use the Tele Conferencing system for ?
AnswerNot many, the only restrictions you should be aware of is that "Adult Chat" is not permitted and also that Replica watch the conference should be used for discussions between participants fake watches that have arranged to take part in the conference with the other participants prior to entering the conference, in other words, it is not a place for strangers to call and chat. These restrictions are necessary because of the ICSTIS and OFTEL regulations that apply.
QuestionHow can I ensure that others will want to take part in my Tele Conference calls rather than using inefficient traditional meeting methods ?
AnswerSimply send them to this page so that they can see how it works, how simple it is and how it can make their life easier too !